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Entry #1

Listen for a good time~

2/17/13 by gayhobbit
Updated 9/4/13

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The usual free benefits of my page: Just ask.

Art critiques! I will give you these, for all kinds of mediums.

Art trades! They're just fun.

A friend. Add me! (Don't have to ask ;) )


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Les' make trade! And must it be 2 days? Since on the some gewd quality stuff I take 3 sometimes :0

9/1/13 gayhobbit responds:

There's no limit of days, and certainly! I'll message you.

what's an art trade?

8/23/13 gayhobbit responds:

Wow 11 days ago. I never expect anyone to respond. It's a two way request in which we'd each request a drawing from one another.



Watup friend.

3/9/13 gayhobbit responds:

Drawin', friend!